From 2010 to 2016, Kaitlin Statz also worked as an illustrator and fantasy map cartographer. To see her fantasy cartography works and her pricing, please click here.



Kaitlin creates custom fantasy maps suitable for novels, roleplaying games, and fantasy cartography enthusiasts.   She creates several types of maps, from those made through a skilled process of paper aging, sketching, and eventual inking, to those created in watercolor, to simple ink on white paper. 

All custom maps will undergo a consultation process.  

Each commissioned map will be created with consultation. You explain the size, level of detail, and general outline of the world, as well as the use of the map, and prices are based on these parameters. Paper can shapes, stained, baked, and ironed for a classical appearance, or left white for publication us,  penciled and then inked. The process takes about two weeks to complete.  Sizes can be adjusted to compensate map ideas: rectangular, circular, triangular, etc. 


$150.00 is the price for a Small-size (6"x7"), Medium-detail in black ink on white paper for personal use.  

$200.00 is the price for a Small-size (6"x7"), Medium-detail watercolor for personal use. This is the size and detail of the South Crost Littoral and Isle of Mytir maps below.  $260.00 is the price for a Small-size (6"x7"), Medium-detail, stained and baked map for personal use. This is similar detail to the Terion Veil map below.     

Size, type, level of detail, and use are the primary cause of fluctuations of price. Price is discussed during the primary consultation. Additional costs are added for the transfer of publication or printing rights.


"It was such a pleasure to collaborate with Kaitlin Statz on the fantasy map for my book series. I’m thrilled beyond words to see my world brought to life in this way. I love the design, the map icons, the little drawings, everything. It’s perfect! Kaitlin was very communicative and open during the entire process and her turnaround time was great. I absolutely love my map and I fully recommend that other authors and publishers consider hiring her to bring their worlds alive. Thanks Kaitlin!"      

   - Keira Gillett, author of the Zaria Fierce series